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Caste system: the brahmin E-mail
The caste system already comes from the Indian antiquity. It is a system of separated sharp positions and social circles. Where exactly is this system created is difficult to give. There are stories of the origin to the creation of human attribution. Others as source of the Indus civilization. In the caste system is a four awards made brahmin (freely translated: mental) kshatrya (the protector), Bais (the dealer) and sudra (other service). Since year and day are the brahmins at the top of the caste system. They enjoy great respect and the resulting benefits.

In the remainder of this article will be made on the caste of the brahmins. On the basis of a number of translated verses from the Bhagvad Gita, the expectations of brahmins be put out. The purpose of this piece is you, the reader, too. The question to you is whether you want to identify for themselves how this caste system is alive for you and what image you have on this system.

Some quotes from the Bhagvad Gita, Sri Srimad AC Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. I chose this book to choose, because the direct translation from Sanskrit to English.

'Chapter 18 translation of the verse 41 and 42
Sudranam ca para tapa
Karmani pravibhaktani
Svabhava prabhavair gunaih

Translation: We know brahmanas, ksyatrisa programs, vaisya and sudra programs on the basis of their work,
O kastijder of the enemy, in the light of the orientations of nature.

Samo dmas tapah saucam
Ksantir arjamvam eva ca
Jnanam vijnanam astikyam
Brahma karma svabhavajam

Translation: peaceful, self-control, austerity, purity, tolerance, honesty, wisdom, knowledge and piety of this nature is the work of the brahmana's. "

These points can be recognized professions hung like a priest, (ayurvedic) medicine, strategic advisor, etc.

Within the Hindu community discussions on this topic arose. Different groups perform Friday heated discussions on whether a person born to brahmin, or of a person by their actions and personal development is a brahmin. One group argues that the sons, whose fathers are brahmin, already from birth are brahmin. The other group says that anyone born in ignorance and only brahman can be seen if this person is in, in the Bhagvad Gita said talent has completed and the Hindu scriptures controlled. Which of the two currents is right I do not know. However, I reading the above verses, otherwise than agree that only birth is insufficient as a brahmin to be recognized.

In the Indian society is the caste system in 2007 is still a social norm. The brahmins (based on birth) are on top of the caste system ladder. They have the best slagingskansen within society, because they respect and regard. They are following God's most acclaimed and honored. For example, there are restaurants that advertise that they cook in a Brahman service. India is also an arrangement made at the top, the brahmins, then follow the kshatrya programs, the downturn, as the fourth sudra and the empty box, also called onraakbaren said. Each caste eat only similar or higher, they take even a glass of water to the lower castes. A good illustration of this system in the Bollywood Film 'Banares' found.

In some movements they have used in finding a suitable marriage partner (preferably from the same caste or higher) or finding a priest. In the latter case, look to a priest who was born in a Brahman family. It is the movement that believes that only a brahmin as they come from an unbroken male Brahman tribe. Given the above verses from the Bhagvad Gita I would however like to give a tip to the selection of your priest also virtues to keep in mind.

So far this article. Please send me a response which shows you how you use the caste system has (had) and what your experiences are.


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