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Maximale hypotheek
There are no translations availableWilt u zakelijk gaan investeren? Of staat u op het punt een huis te kopen. Bereken dan zelf snel, makkelijk en overzichtelijk het bedrag dat u maximaal kunt lenen voor een hypotheek. Indien u weet wat u max...
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Even if you do not have money to each week to visit a beauty specialist! Men and women who we usually really like it, rely on a number of important points. These people feel great inside and outside and that they radiate from. How you feel inside, it should match with the outside. Make no mistake, if you look in the mirror and see someone who looks tired and lifeless that it has 100% influence on how you feel inside. What traps confident good looking people? One of the most important aspects of 'good look' is a beautiful smooth and healthy skin. People you come across any that have come to you immediately. Not for nothing are people known at least two hours in the make-up, they want special lighting and photos updated. This all about a beautiful "perfect" skin to show.

What we do ourselves if we really want to care and spoil? In most cases we go to a beauty. There is nothing wrong with that, but who can pay for each day a beauty? Especially so I put out five simple steps for a complete and almost-free beauty treatment. Even if you only would try, you will have results. Dermatologists and beauty professionals I have spoken, advising these steps or a part thereof at least once a week to perform. (You may consult your dermatologist if you own a very sensitive or dry skin you before starting this).

Start with this:
Clean your skin and make it dry before you begin. You have people who spend a lot of money to a special cleaning milk while expensive oil, such as baby oil or pure almond oil, also good enough. After that you dabbing your skin with rose water as a tonic or hamameliswater. These oils and tonics are purely natural with no chemical shit and available at the wholesale and nature stores.

Step 1: Scrubben
Duration: 5-7 minutes!
Purpose: To remove dead skin cells and stimulate circulation of the face. Thus, any other treatment (eg mask) to 200% better to be realized.
What you need: bag fine granulated sugar, olive oil (as opposed to what you eat, the things in which you used on your face no matter how expensive your olive oil and you will not need expensive or brown sugar to use). If your skin is not very thin or very fragile, it is better to use a sponge peeling. These are of course available in the more expensive versions in shops, or Kruidvat for 1.80 euro. What is the best, even in terms of softness for your skin (it is softer than that of Kruidvat yet strong enough) is the back or the soft side of a normal sanding sponge. Not the green and rough side, because that barn you and that is not the intention!
Instructions: Make the sugar and olive oil is a spreadable papje not liquid. You can distribute all over your face and will not drain if you do not have too much oil in the mixture. You can gently inmasseren screw up. From the middle of your face to the outside world (from nose to ear). Outsource to an oily T-zone additional attention to your forehead, nose and chin. Then your face with lukewarm water.

Step 2: Steaming
Duration: 3-5 minutes (!)
Purpose: To open pores, promote blood flow.
What you need: bowl with hot water and any spices. (But need not allowed. For example, sage and loose green tea is very good). Large bath towels.
Instructions: See previous article on home steam ': 3 minutes your face around 15/20 cm above the tank with the bath towels all over your head and go to jail so that it does not cool too quickly. The best you can to the table because a solid substrate and at just the right amount is.

Step 3: Mask
Duration: 1 minute to inmasseren! 20 minutes before the revocation.
Purpose: Cleaning / decontamination of the skin. Reach deeper layers of the skin on.
Required: There are many types of fruits and even vegetables that can be fine and if you leave on your face. What I do want to strongly recommend, especially for people with oily skin, use pure clay. Pure Natural Clay (kaolin) is used in many cultures as a cleansing mask. Your whole skin has taken full advantage. Please note that your natural clay used in white powder form and of course no modeling clay or clay from the garden.
Instructions: Pure Natural Clay (kaolin) mixed with a tiny bit of warm water. To hot water or cold is not pleasant mask. This clay is very cheap and for sale to wholesalers or dealers. A whole bag of clay powder cost 7 euro and do you really long time, if you do twice a week. Let the clay mask (a bit thick substance are) about 20 minutes withdraw. It then dries and is hard and white. Then rinse with lukewarm water. The best you can rinse in the shower.

Step 4: Day or night cream / spots and impurities control
Now that your pores open and your dead skin cells removed, the cream that you normally use really included. In spots you can become a pipetje touch with tea tree oil, ask the dermatologist or your skin can handle this!

Step 5: Massage
There are several techniques you can massage your skin and promotes blood circulation. Make like the scrubben large rotating movements. From your chin to your cheeks and then on to your forehead. Your neck should not be forgotten. For the older skin would laugh wrinkles may occur. And by gently knocking at your finger on the skin around your eyes may also walls prevent / reduce. Massage also has an impact if you only 5 -10 minutes doing!

Finally I would add that how and what you eat is certainly reflected in your skin. You need not to let a beautiful skin, but that vitaminepillen and varied dining and many more fruits and vegetables. This we all know, but when we really checked with ourselves if this is true? Try it out and see the day what the effect on your skin. People with a beautiful healthy skin have little or no make-up and certainly no foundation or very expensive creams to use. Your skin care, since you have many years of pleasure.

Jamilah Djorai

Sources: Diane Irons (former top model) - Worlds best kept beauty secrets (1998)
Dr. Robert Glass Roth (dermatologist and doctor) - Better living through a radiant appearance (1996)
Gillan McKeith - You are what you eat (2005)

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