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Maximale hypotheek
There are no translations availableWilt u zakelijk gaan investeren? Of staat u op het punt een huis te kopen. Bereken dan zelf snel, makkelijk en overzichtelijk het bedrag dat u maximaal kunt lenen voor een hypotheek. Indien u weet wat u max...
Approaches of Ayurveda E-mail
In Ayurveda, there are several approaches for the Ayurvedic writings a healthy lifestyle to follow. Each action includes various aspects of life that can be enlivened again to be in harmony with our life source, the Self. If this connection is the life lived in health and in harmony with the laws of nature. In that situation get little chance of diseases manifesting themselves.


The main approaches include:

  1. Consciousness Development through Meditation techniques
  2. Vedic recitations
  3. Intellect
  4. Gandharva-Veda
  5. Neuro-muscular integration
  6. Neuro-respiratory integration
  7. Physiological treatment (Panchakarma)
  8. Diet
  9. Ayurvedic herbal preparations
  10. Rasayana's
  11. Schedule / seasonal routine
  12. Pulse Diagnosis
  13. Influence on environment (world)

Ad 1. Systematic experience of contact with one's own self or transcendent consciousness brings a number of verified scientific effects to life. Interest here are studies on the synchronization of the activity of both brain as an expression of increased integration. The more studied techniques are the transcendental meditation and TM-Sidhi Program.

Ad 2. Life from an energetic point of view and all vibration, vibration. Since the statement of Albert Einstein, we know that mass is nothing other than compacting vibration: E = mc2. This intervention is performed by Vedic experts aims to address through the healing sounds of the balance in the vibrant energy to restore (Vedic vibration technology). These recitations are already covered by the UNESCO declared world heritage.

Ad 3. It is often thought by the intellect our consciousness is shaped, but it's true. The intellect is that part of our consciousness that we ensure that business from the competition. If our consciousness is not fully developed, we see reality through a distorting glasses: we see a part (our own self, our intellect) for all (our own). This is in the Veda 'pragyaparadha' or 'mistake of the intellect' said. The intellect is only aware of the variety of things (Vata, Pitta, KAPHA and all forms of manifestation in the world, but (re / below), the unit (Samhita) did not. This fundamental mistake of the intellect is the Veda is responsible for our life problems. This intellectual approach and understand the individuals previously involved in the above aspects so that a state of coherence occurs in the brain which is the basis of Apragyaparadha.

Ad 4. Listening to the language of nature expressed in musical sounds, has a special impact on the health of body and mind. The effect of this Ghandarva Veda music penetrates to the deepest layers of our being.

Ad 5. Neuro-muscular integration to Vedic body postures and exercises (Yoga Asanas). There are different postures for different diseases. These attitudes are a soft, mild pressure or stretch out on some vital points in the body (in Sanskrit Marma's), which mind and body - consciousness and physiology - with each other. Asana can be performed at home after instruction.

Ad 6. Neuro-respiratory integration simple breathing exercises (Pranayama) to the natural functions at all levels of mind and body to improve. Encouraging as the exercise unberthing blockages and impurities, which then further meditation practice can be.

Ad 7. From time to time is necessary to the accumulated toxins in the body to eliminate. The Panchakarma (= five-fold act) is a program for internal and external cleaning of the body. First the metabolic snails through a diet and taking ghee disconnected, then through the skin, urinary tract (oil massages, steam baths) and intestines (clyster's) to be removed.

Ad 8. Food adapted to the type of constitution are a very important and effective means to improve health. Also seasonal advice will help to increase or restore the balance. Power can thus be used to cure diseases and prevention. Vegetarian and prefer organic food is the ultimate objective.

Ad 9. The Ayurveda has a large number of preparations according to ancient recipes are composed of different herbs. They are meant for self-generating mechanism of the body to go without it we have to fear of adverse side effects.

Ad 10. Rasayana programs (eg, Maharishi Amrit Kalash and Chavanprash) from herbal compound preparations that are intended to balance the physiological functions recover. They give effect to the body, strengthen the immune system and promote the reversal of biological aging process.

Ad 11. Behavioral Advice for an ideal schedule in conjunction with the seasons can be of benefit to synchronizing the biorhythms of the body. Moreover, it is possible to give us personal rhythm in line with the rhythms that we find in nature.

Ad 12. Ayurvedic diagnosis takes place including the feel of the pulse: they may not only be a person's constitution adopted, but also diseases detected before they reflected! The pulse diagnosis is also healing because the focus inwards.

Ad 13. We are responsible not only for ourselves but also for our environment. Our personal health influences the collective health and vice versa. Everyone is part of the collective consciousness of his or her family, village, city, country and the world. Experiment in the group dynamics of consciousness that we have shown the world consciousness positively influence. World peace is the primary means to create harmony in yourself and in relation to your surroundings. Our own body is a building block of the world body. Individual meditation contribute to greater consistency in the environment that peace entails.

Drs. Prakash Madari MD, Ayurveda doctor

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