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Maximale hypotheek
There are no translations availableWilt u zakelijk gaan investeren? Of staat u op het punt een huis te kopen. Bereken dan zelf snel, makkelijk en overzichtelijk het bedrag dat u maximaal kunt lenen voor een hypotheek. Indien u weet wat u max...
Akshay Kumar building school E-mail
Akshay Kumar is preparing to build a school in Ranjitpura, a village near Chandigargh.

Akshay taught the people of Ranjitpura know when they are in the running for ¨ ¨ Namastey London, he has about 20 days and felt very comfortable with all people in the village.

¨ The village has no school where all children to be. Especially girls are left behind. Akshay has talked to the authorities of the village, and let them know that he would like to build a school in Ranjitpura. ¨ says a good friend of Akshay Kumar.

When Vipul Shah was approached to confirm the news he know that it was true.

¨ Yes, it's true. Akshay has long wanted to build a school for children in Ranjitpura. We are currently still in discussions with the authorities, but it is working. ¨ says Vipul Shah.

Vipul told also full of praise for how Akshay had the idea to build a school.

¨ It all started when we were running for 'Namastey London' in Ranjitpura. We discovered that many children were working instead of that they went to school. There was also no school for children in the village. ¨

¨ Between breaks heard in one of the children say he was not attending school and the father did not at all difficult about it. Akshay was this horrible and talked quite a long time with the father. I thought he would not explain, but I was wrong. I was very surprised when he recently told me about his plans. ¨

Akshay was also approached to confirm the news.

¨ It was my dream to do something special to do for the people in the village and I am very concerned with the way things are. The people of Ranjitpura were very warm and friendly when we run. ¨ says Akshay Kumar.

Nejla Karatas

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