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Salman Khan: ¨ It is never good between me and Shahrukh. ¨ E-mail
Salman Khan has lately been much in the news. There is also a new film of the actor, but it was more gossip about the big fight between him and Shahrukh Khan and his break with the news that Katrina Kaif won.

Salman opted for not to talk about all the gossip, but at a press meeting for the release of ¨ ¨ God Tussi Great Ho, which is also in the Pathé cinemas will run in the Netherlands from 22-08-2008, the actor answered all questions with great sincerity.

Q: Since your film God Tussi Great Ho ¨ ¨ next Friday is turning, I do think it is appropriate for you to ask in what situations this title in your real life.

A: ¨ I think I can honestly say that I in any situation or use. Whatever happened, I always thank God. If you do not you ungrateful. God has given me so much and I am grateful. ¨

Q: What is your relationship with God?

A: ¨ That's between me and God. I always talk to him and he always answers. Of course there are moments that he does not listen to me and gives me what I ask for, but they are just things that I did not deserve. I see that if God does not give me anything, it is still the best out of me. ¨

Q: You do a lot of comedy. What is it that you do that works well between you and the public?

A: ¨ I think it's honesty and personal approach is that the public somehow. ¨

Q: What is your favorite comedy?

A: ¨ Andaaz Apna Apna. I have the whole movie only once, but every time he is on TV, I keep looking back. ¨

Q: Is it true that there is a sequel to Andaaz Apna Apna ¨ ¨?

A: ¨ It is said yes. Aamir (Khan) to very much like a sequel. It is all to the director Rajkumar Santoshi off. I would do. ¨

Q: You are always very warm and cozy when you ¨ ¨ 10 Ka Dum presents. How do you make sure that you always are in a good mood?

A: ¨ It is very simple. If you come home with me and you are very nice to me, why would I not nice back? I do not like. If I have a bad mood, you can also see on the screen. But a bad mood does not that I have behaved badly. I do my best to be a good host. ¨

Q: But you feel you do not ease as you cuddle women.

A: ¨ They come in and are always very sweet to me. I do not mind if they hug me, that's how they show their affection. ¨

Q: But you're not a cuddly person?

A: ¨ No. I am not a person who shows public affection. For me, no hugs. ¨

Q: But you know how the most talked about party must give.

A: ¨ It was Katrina's party. Perhaps there are years of talk, but not by me. I do not talk about. ¨

Q: But there was a quarrel between you and Shahrukh Khan.

A: ¨ Yes. ¨

Q: How came the quarrel?

A: ¨ I ever talk about someone? What happened between me and Shahrukh. ¨

Q: Is Shahrukh a friend?

A: ¨ Not anymore. I do not pretend there is nothing between us. I am a primitive man born in this time. I can not pretend that everything goes well, while it is not. If there is a problem, I will not deny it. We have previously had problems, but I do not think this time right. We are two different people. Our standards and values differences. I do not think we can be friends. I think it is better if we just admit right away, then fake that we do together. ¨

Q: But there is no significant history between you and Shahrukh? He stayed right at home with you in difficult times?

A: ¨ That's right, but I'm only twice been to his home. The first time I am gone and the second time was that he came to retrieve me. ¨

Q: It is said that the dispute has arisen because there is a rivalry between your programs. Because your program does it better than his show.

A: ¨ I do not think there is. He is not so uncertain of himself. The fight was personal. ¨

Q: Is it because he refused to ¨ ¨ Main Aur Mrs. Khanna to play?

A: ¨ Let me once and for all make clear that Shahrukh never asked for that film. This film was always mine. It was just so that when Shahrukh had been with me along with me to talk about 'Kaun Banega Crorepati' and `To Shanti order, I let him know it would be nice if he just listened to the story. That was it. ¨

Q: It seems you and Aamir Khan are the best friends, the last time. You give him a gift of paintings and al

A: ¨ I and Aamir could always move well together. I have his portrait painted and made him a gift. What is the problem? ¨

Q: It is said that between you and Akshay Kumar not botert. Is this true?

A: ¨ No, no, there is nothing true. Akshay is a colleague. He works very hard. Akshay is very hard to pull themselves upwards, but will never do to someone else down to get. ¨

Q: Every day there is news that you and Katrina have been, or again recovered. What is there now where?

A: ¨ I want to first know who these so-called friends that such news about me and my private life. My friends would never talk about me or people who are important to me. My friends would give their lives for me, before they do something. It is clearly someone who is insecure and jealous, and friendly with the press. Maybe he or she is the friend of someone else. ¨

Q: But that does not answer my question.

A: ¨ What do you know? ¨

Q: Are you and Katrina still together?

A: ¨ Yes. ¨

Source: Bollywood Hungama

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