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Maximale hypotheek
There are no translations availableWilt u zakelijk gaan investeren? Of staat u op het punt een huis te kopen. Bereken dan zelf snel, makkelijk en overzichtelijk het bedrag dat u maximaal kunt lenen voor een hypotheek. Indien u weet wat u max...
Belevingshotel Hinduism and Navaratri E-mail
As you may have read, I have written an article on Navaratri, on the meaning and purpose of Navaratri. Personally I am celebrating the memorable celebration of Durga MahaShakti too.

The Mandir was a difficult day for good press. The participants also enjoyed full draft. Pandit Jhi told stories of Durga Mata while young and old listened attentively. Under the guidance of a young couple, each with different Indian instruments played, everyone sang with conviction and love for Mother Shakti, of.

What struck me was that this year more young people in the Mandir available than previous years. Although the trend is true that Hindu youth with less devotion to the Hindu belief. For Indian Feelings I asked a few attendees about how they Hinduism and Navaratri experience.


Name: Romeo
Age: 22 years

What does Hinduism for you?
For me Hinduism is a scientific way of life.

How often you go to the Mandir?
When I can I will.

Are you required to the Mandir or yourself?
No, from me, religion should not be imposed to find me.

To what extent have your parents influence you as regards the faith?
It is with the paplepel embedded and partly, I himself in deeper.

Are you in daily life are consciously engaged with the faith?
Yes it does.

How do you feel in the Mandir?
I feel good. I believe you, you should feel otherwise it makes no sense to go.

Do you have a Isht Dev? So, so what?
Yes, Jhi Hanuman and that is just a feeling question.

You have certain days when you pray?
I think god every day to think the most important.

Do you feel at home in your faith and culture?
Yes, I have chosen for themselves.

What do you think is Navaratri?
Do you have enough paper and a few days?

What is your purpose of Navaratri?
With the help of the gods and acts Inner truth finding.
Why do you Navaratri?
So I can be aware of what I do daily.

What do you do during Navaratri?
Everything I think is good for me.

What you put link between Ma and Durga Navaratri?
Ma Durga is the essence of Navaratri.

Navaratri is mainly due to the self, are you aware of yourself?
Yes, I think so.

Thanks for answering these questions, you want an Indian Feelings h Navaratri

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