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Bianca Jagger does not care about expensive ring E-mail

VIENNA (Reuters) - Bianca Jagger, former wife of Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger, does not seem to be very concerned about her lost ring worth 200,000 euros. The fair finder has been waiting months at the time that Jagger will retrieve the ring and can receive his reward.


That told him Wednesday in the German magazine Bunte.

Jagger, now active as a human rights activist, became the jewel lost at the end of August when she visited the annual music festival in Salzburg. The jewel designed by itself would be gegleden of her fingers. In early September, a resident of Salzburg in the local police that he had found the ring. According to Austrian law, he is entitled to a finder salary of 10,000 euros.

,, Jagger has a short time in contact with my lawyer and there is nothing happened''says the angry Salzburg. 'She has not even thanked me. The money I had already promised to my daughter.''Jagger If after a year still have not heard, then the ornament of the finder.

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