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Maximale hypotheek
There are no translations availableWilt u zakelijk gaan investeren? Of staat u op het punt een huis te kopen. Bereken dan zelf snel, makkelijk en overzichtelijk het bedrag dat u maximaal kunt lenen voor een hypotheek. Indien u weet wat u max...
Somewhere in the distance, part 2 E-mail
Him. "I trust this is not" does it. Quick graait in his bag, looking for what he had come, and go out quickly. He abruptly turns around and listen to what the person Radha so scared to tell it. "Radha, what a coincidence" and more bla bla hear him say. If their call is silent, save his work.

"Ram Ram, I am a friend of Kish Radha" he says while his hand out ....
"Hey man, what fun! Akash, I am the fiancee of Radha. Go you drink? Now Radha and I are getting married, I know all its secrets.
It is hot and a cold drink will not hurt him. He looks Radha, who does not know what to say let alone do. Just as he wants answers, the situation course

"Kish, what are you asked. You would come later, "says a familiar voice. He turns his head and feel how her pillow, give him some power. Another of the event and anxious for what will happen, he nearly forgot to introduce. <p>, Radha, Akash is Savitha, my fiance '.
She (Radha) HEMT to look, no joy, no pain just a dull look.
The thirsty Akash congratulates the flock "Mubarrak. Shall we drink it. "
Savita, who is aware of no evil, answer spontaneously.
"Yes, fun. Can we Kishan gossiping, maybe you know some secrets about him .... ".
"I gotta go" does Kishan and looking back in his bag.

Radha shake her head and says:
"I think it is better that we leave turtle doves, Jaan".
Kishan has finally found its packet to
"I think we only have to do" says Kishan and quickly gives her the DVD.
"Thanks to borrow more and who knows next time."
If he Savitha on a terrace added, he can not fail to laugh. Knowing that his Radha, now belonged to another. End good all good! <p>

It. "No, it is Akash, what should I do" does it .. She looks at him and if he's coast, coast she returned. Surprised by the situation she nods yes to all questions Akash until Kishan interrumpeert. "Ram Ram, Kish I'm an old school friend of Radha" she hears him say ...

She looks at him and see how he nervous in his bag to Friemel. Is it in? Is he here. Long to think about it, she suddenly does not want a girl on his side and kissed him. They apparently know each other well because they immediately turn her hand to him. She sees how Kishan replied to kiss her and in turn gives her a hug ... It may be faint, they want to track, but how? But then they think back to what it almost 6 months ago to have spoken. A new beginning, that's not what they both had been waiting. Will today finally happen? How much she has missed so much they want to start again, along with Akash.

That they should quit, how difficult it is. She is angry as Akash them asking for a drink, but realizes that he does not know how they feel. This is her secret and after today it will no longer chase.
"I think it is better that the turtle doves only to" answer them quickly.

And suddenly it is over ... While she gets a farewell DVD. Kishan look longer than normal to DVD and they understand the hint. Agile as she makes them in her bag the cover open and feel how a chain failure. If Kish Savita and disappeared from sight, she asks Akash to the chain to do &


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