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Maximale hypotheek
There are no translations availableWilt u zakelijk gaan investeren? Of staat u op het punt een huis te kopen. Bereken dan zelf snel, makkelijk en overzichtelijk het bedrag dat u maximaal kunt lenen voor een hypotheek. Indien u weet wat u max...
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But men also for you a short guide on how you should go to female logic. Women are able to ask questions where there is no easy answer to is (the male brain). Therefore some lessons:

Question 1: Honey, my ass is not fat in this shirt / skirt?
Okay, this is dangerous! "No" means "yes", "yes" means "yes", "I do not know" means "yes", "I love you as you are" means "yes", a short pause before you answer is "yes .
There is only one answer you can help. A clear and direct "no" without hesitation, without ambiguity, that sounds like a generally accepted fact, not only your own vision.
Note: It is not that this is a perfect answer, because there is simply no perfect answer.

There are also other questions that you should just "NO" to answer:
- Is there another?
- Fanta seer you left her?
- Are you tired of me?

And there are questions you as soon as possible to answer YES:
- You see me like?
- Fanta seer sometimes you about me?
- Do you have my hair so nice?

Unfortunately, not all questions with yes or no answer. There are quite a few which are more complex to answer:

Question 2: Is this relationship going anywhere?

Ok, this would be a simple question, but you will not be able to make off with an answer such as "forward", "top" or "I do not know."
Another problem is that you and your loved one may interpret the question differently. They want to feel your love, an honest answer which the future of you together schemert. You want just that they had not asked that question.

What you should NOT do is to throw in the hat. If you care about her, surely you know what part they want to hear. But question is not to, because otherwise you get a strange conversation that leads nowhere (except to problems).


For example:
She: Is this relationship really somewhere?
You: Where do you want this relationship going?
She: Do you like that other woman attractive?
You: Who?
She: Would you ever want to marry me?
You: Huh?
She: For example, if I would be pregnant?
You: Are you pregnant?
She: Why? Do I look fat?

And there comes trouble! These were prepared as a man (with logic) it should seen it coming. A somewhat abstract approach solves a lot on:

For example:
She: For example, if I would be pregnant?
You: what if I would be pregnant?

It makes no sense, but at least it gives you time to think about something better than you pregnant? "

Some standard questions which are always appreciated by women are:
How much is a little bit? Why do you want to know? What say you? Does it matter? What has love to do it? Are you talking to me?
(Note: "are you unwell?" is NOT one of the questions that always!)

The misunderstandings between men and women since Adam made his first quarrel with Eva! But we now know that men and women really think differently. Men have a problem-oriented and problem-solving spirit, so they only talk about facts here. We women are more focused on emotions and feelings, it is very important to talk to us.

I also think that this is a problem that will exist forever, they say not for nothing:
Men are from Mars and women from Venus!


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