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Maximale hypotheek
There are no translations availableWilt u zakelijk gaan investeren? Of staat u op het punt een huis te kopen. Bereken dan zelf snel, makkelijk en overzichtelijk het bedrag dat u maximaal kunt lenen voor een hypotheek. Indien u weet wat u max...
Love story - This is what I do! E-mail
Scheveningen beach on a difficult evening. Hand in hand looking for some space to some privacy. Together, they were finally alone. Even the koetjes and calves had fled. Out of nowhere came the call from last night up on what had occurred. Then it really could not otherwise, she turned her face slowly towards him

"Of course not darling, how can I blame you this" he replied.
"Even after what happened yesterday evening. "If there is someone guilty than I do" he replied.
Deep thoughts he sunk in the sea's. He just want to be alone to think. What should he do what he decides, someone will point lead. His eyes fall shut, and he perceives the scene of last night again ....

After 4 years he would finally meet her parents. He was afraid, so what would be pleased because it would finally happen. It would be their one step closer together. One step closer to a life with her. A life that you only see in movies. It would be their film, together they represent the main roles. Together, they are. Not 1, not 7 not all he lives with her and she with him ...

If possible, casual dressed, he stood there. For their door, he dared not to call and could not run away anymore. Not since her family had seen through the window. The door was open and before he knew he was alone again. The woman who had opened had been left running. From behind the door he heard her "come in" call ... ..

He walked inside the living room, greeted the family and took place. Radha he dared not to look and he got the chance to.
"Radha said that you work in construction", the father with door in the house fall. "That's right, Uncle." The silence that followed, suggested him hesitate.
"Listen, I will only say, but we have another boy, a boy with a good job for Radha found.

"Uncle, you do not worry, I earn enough to maintain a family, even though I have money saved for our wedding."
"That is perhaps true, but we have already decided and Radha is better".
He looked at her and saw she was crying.
"Do you really that other guy will make her happier. He knows its not. I know her and I love her for who she is. "
"This guy we know very well, he is a lawyer. Our daughter does not marry a construction worker. POINT ".

"This is what I do. This is who I am. No, I make no capital, but I love ... ". He stopped. It was an ambush. In this serious discussion, there was 1 person who could still laugh. No, it was not the brother. This was him. He looked to Radha.
"Will you also."
"Kish, it's better than when we ....".
He left her sense of not killing. Not because he knew what was coming, but because he knew it would hurt.
"So be it" he said and disappeared.

He walked back to her back and she went in the water. Slowly he felt her hand how his looked like his hers. But he was strong, not for himself, but more so for her.
"Are you happy to be with him" he asked.
"No, but promise me that you really are happy."

He laughed, he was happy, because he had hair. Her parents would be difficult to convince, but her unconditional love was all he needed.
"Come we go home" he said as he grabbed her hand. But they did not. They have not wanted to say goodbye.
"Is it now" she asked
"It's never over, trust me".
"Take me, but remember that if I hand you have, I'll never let go."
She hesitated a moment. When the sense its convinced she grabbed his hand and hugged him.

They knew it. He knew it. Only her parents knew it yet ... ....


PS Talitha Loves Wilco ... BAKRA baby
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