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Maximale hypotheek
There are no translations availableWilt u zakelijk gaan investeren? Of staat u op het punt een huis te kopen. Bereken dan zelf snel, makkelijk en overzichtelijk het bedrag dat u maximaal kunt lenen voor een hypotheek. Indien u weet wat u max...
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She was angry, angry as she was angry zovaak. But this time felt different. I heard her cry. She had never cried in my presence and I was hurt. "Saida, sorry if I had not intended.". When they wegliep knew that I really was something wrong. My heart bonsde like I just had a marathon run, I saw them there in the distance walked and human hair aankeken ... "I am lost", I thought .. slowly flew all our moments in my mind over ...
Not knowing what to do, I went home. What happened was processed. Was it really last? Just like that? Suddenly? After half hour to her picture gestaard to have finally stopped the train at the right station. Although I wanted to be at home, I walked by and express not heard the screams of children in the distance al "Our children go play later" we had for ourselves decided. So many children, so much joy, but oh so much grief. I miss her already arrived home dee

d my phone, because there was no point in me now. Saida would not call .... "Devavratha, why are we not married, we are both almost finished with our study and I can cook good?" That they may good cooking is a fact that we almost finished is true, but marriage?
"But our parents?" I asked.
"See your future in our relationship".
"There it goes again ...." I thought and replied sincerely: "Of course, we are made for each other, besides the fact that I am not sheep and you eat it."
"Dev. Seriously. Do you think it is possible ".
"Hindus do not eat meat wane.
She looked at me and I had to answer
"Or what will happen, I love you, you love me ... is not that enough?"

For the first time I saw uncertainty in her eyes. All this time they had been so sure of its case and that attracted me so to her. When we say goodbye after another appointment names I did not know whether it was happy she said:

"You can call me best 3 give kisses, hear!". "At last" thought hit me and get me immediately. !
That was 7 months ago. Now she looked so strange to me. Was she scared? Was she insecure? Felt they were not good? It made me hurt for her to see. She was always cheerful, happy and full of energy. The woman I saw before me was nothing of that ....

I grabbed her hand and asked her, "Saida do you want this? Living in 2 worlds. My family is Hindu, Muslim your family. You a Moroccan, I am a Hindu? How do we marry? Hindustaans or Moroccan? How do we live, no beef, no pork ... vegetarian? How do we educate our kids Hindustaans or Islamic. Maybe we went too fast Saida. "You do need to be Muslim, Dev. If you want I am a Hindu, but as long as I am with you ". They said sure and I knew why when we had agreed. Smiling I brought her to me ...

"Me sister this week birthday. Wil you come? ". She laughed: "I know that year, I've already bought a gift for her.". I also laughed and said: "Agreed, but I must tell you that me parents are really strict." She looked at me again uncertain, but this time it shocked me and grabbed her and started to laugh even harder .... . The way home she asked me about my family, after all her questions answered, she was afraid to have than ever. Before we go to the restaurant we drink okay ... Although she laughed, she was far from happy ...

In the restaurant I saw many people I did not know. You scared me to death when I saw that I already had parents. Rather, Saida had first acquainted me with the rest. I grabbed her hand still firmly and hit me stever other hand still around her. They seemed not to observe the nerves likely, but deep inside I knew that for her had been even worse.

We walked until I was crazy to me shoulders. We turned to us ... and I was shocked when I omkeek ...


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