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Maximale hypotheek
There are no translations availableWilt u zakelijk gaan investeren? Of staat u op het punt een huis te kopen. Bereken dan zelf snel, makkelijk en overzichtelijk het bedrag dat u maximaal kunt lenen voor een hypotheek. Indien u weet wat u max...
She was cute 2 E-mail
That was me the surprise of my life waiting ... "At home''I thought. Unsuspecting called me and I quickly hid behind the bushes. Equally was silent, dead silent ... and then the door ... There was nothing, and when my patience let me in the lurch, my body moved forward and I looked to the door, it was close .. I cried quickly: "Ma, I am." Silence .... "Brother, I'm the man, open up." Slowly, very slowly (as you see in films), the door open. In the expectation that my brother did the door open, I quickly took his gift appear (some time back he had birthday). I moved my head and wanted him .... It huh?.

Khon hai tum (as I see Hindus tan, I tend to speak Hindi, this is not always good to me) and fell silent. "It was her. Not the good hair, but its wrong. The wrong her with me at home ... my home. What do they here? "I thought? "Come on in, Dev" she looked at me with her beautiful eyes. The gift for my brother (a watch and a real fair) I looked at her restless not knowing what to do, let alone say. She was as small as before, "small is beautiful" as only they could say.

For the occasion she had attracted a Saree, an honor that I never in person have experience and let's be honest they looked really gorgeous out. Her voice is still as sweet as before, her hair is still just about her shoulders. God, what was she beautiful. Small fun eyes me with so much love aankeken. I grabbed her hands and took her to what ever my domain had been so quiet we could talk.

In table tennis arrived I had her go, as I long ago had her released.
"So here you were the KING" she said laughing.
I had to laugh, after all that time she still. Surely it was now 2 years ago.
"Why did you give me your parents never proposed?" She asked.
"There are so many things happened, Kavita. Too much, so it never came "I replied.
I looked at her and she started me something to explain what I already knew ...

"My parents wanted a boy who had completed his studies. Therefore they were reluctant to meet you. "
"Why now Kavita".
"Times change Dev.
"Yes, Kavita times change." I went to the other side of the table and began to tell her about Radha ...
They listened attentively as they once did, if I had seen something. We were certainly one hour outside before we went inside ....

Through the back door pillow inside and once we arrived everyone looked surprised. She was quickly beside her mother, and began to cry. I looked at her and told the rest what I had just told her, about Radha ... my Radha. They seemed not to understand, and when my uncle deserved to me I knew that something was wrong. "You will marry her, Dev.
My uncle is a man that I have very high, and if he says something it is something that's going to happen. Looking for some help I watched my mother and walked towards her.

"If you do not want to, then it is not" she said half whisper. I felt good, how only a child in the arms of a mother can feel. Even the death was still living in this busy. Until Kavita up and said: "Ma, I want to go home."
I looked at her and she came with a smile to me: "Kya hua sach hua. I laughed too, these words, I had it in us said goodbye.

"Dev is happy okay" she said while a tear on her cheek was. I grabbed her. "Thank you"


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