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Maximale hypotheek
There are no translations availableWilt u zakelijk gaan investeren? Of staat u op het punt een huis te kopen. Bereken dan zelf snel, makkelijk en overzichtelijk het bedrag dat u maximaal kunt lenen voor een hypotheek. Indien u weet wat u max...
The IIFA Awards 2007-2 E-mail
From the airplane window I see my Airport Leeds / Bradford. The organization of IIFA is right, it's true Love at First Sight. Leeds is a real winner.

Day 1 17.45
I'll be in Leeds, take a taxi to the hotel. Upon arrival, I call the Media Center, which appear close to, but there is also that we are following our day passes from 09.00 to fetch.

My photographer Subodh (Steve) Ram has arrived. We get to know and go take a walk round in Leeds to see what the Media Center is.

Day 2

We are early in the Media Center, because today Amitabh Bachan is a special announcement. Exciting! Unfortunately, the girls of the organization not find our names on the list, it was that we were on, but that was over looked, that can happen. In any case, we press passes to the stately hotel Oulton.

There are special buses' Coaches' principle, so that if event, a delegation of journalists, photographers, camera men etc. packed in the coach seat.

The Oulton Hotel is breathtaking. We drive through the gates and we still have about 5 minutes drive on the long driveway. New we finally get our press passes and we take our places. Witchcraft Through the big news published. There is world tour 'The Unforgettable World Tour ", by Witchcraft, will kick off next year in April 2008 have. And then they finally on stage, Amitabh Bachan, Abhishek and aiswarya, Lara Dutta, Bipasha Basu, Ritesh Deshmukh and choreographer. There are jokes and weather and the turtle doves can not stay away from each other.

It looks really very nice, so that what promised for next year. After some tinkering we know who made the most opgezochte name of the world on Google. Aishwarya Bachan gets this "Award" from her father out.

After this nice meeting people we go to Cineworld in Bradford. This is the cast of Rang Basanti the present. Only Kiron Kher was there on behalf of the actors and actresses. After 3 hours waiting in the hot sun is Salman Khan finally within, under the protection of no less than 7 bodyguards.

After quickly to the Coach, on its way to the famous cricket match. It was a bit messy regulated, because the press were not in the right places so we had to go through the stage to finally be able to admire the stars. First came Govinda, a very friendly and cheerful man, followed by Upen Patel. Up units had no less than a quarter required the field to have been fans from the guild! Unfortunately Hritik Roshan and Bobby Deol are not, what is intended.

For the Birthday Bash of Shilpa Shetty, we were early in the evening behind the fences for a beautiful spot. That we had happy, but we had very long wait for this diva. It was that very soon everybody left, even after 10 minutes Shilpa proved her own birthday, via a decline actually have to leave. As soon as the monkey came from Mauw. Salman Khan kept a party (in the Queens Hotel), where all the stars were present, what Shilpa obviously threw a spanner in the food.

Day 3 The big day
I was very late and then went to bed at 06:00 am also a fire in the hotel afging shocked me dead. I quickly pulled my clothes on and walked out. There was a large group of journalists shiver of cold. The fire was already our names were called by the hotel manager. "Fortunately," it appeared to be a false alarm, and after 5 minutes we were finally back in after.

Steve and I walked through the city to the Queens Hotel, because that would be Salman Khan new film Marigold are introduced. Suddenly I saw Soha Ali Khan with a friend and bodyguard 1. I had almost not recognized without make-up.

The Queens hotel arrived, the one star after another star by the doors. First came Upen Patel who was attacked by fans and press, then Arjun Rampal with wife and 2 lovely daughters followed by Akshay Kumar and Kabir Bedi. We went to the press room but because we wanted to not miss the announcement. I was also interviewed by Star TV India on fire and she mentioned between nose and lips that it within a month on Indian TV broadcast would be. Salman Khan but this time was an hour late. There were a few songs and trailers of the new film, produced by Willard Carrol, running. Big names of this film are, of course, Salman Khan, Gulshan Grover and Vijendra. Against the player is an American actress Ali Larter. After a few questions it was time for lunch.

We went fairly quickly back to the hotel because we were informed that the coach would leave at 16.00, but when we were there, the coach not to leave at 16.00 but at 17.00. We bales but we would still get, so we thought. Left at 17.00, but we stayed in Park Plaza is tot18.30 and the 'Red Carpet' would start at 19.00. We finally arrived at 19.30 and had 6 big stars and 5 B star missed.

The show was so good. It was in 1 woord geweldig! The performances, notices everything perfect Saturday in each other. The most I have enjoyed acting and Akshay Kumar Shilpa Shetty's action. Man, what can her hips shaking.

I close this with Shilpa Shetty's words when she received her award on behalf of Yorkshire: East or West Yorkshire ... is the best! "

With a satisfied feeling I get the morning at 06.00 hours on the plane to Amsterdam.

Sandhya Baidjoe

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