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Maximale hypotheek
There are no translations availableWilt u zakelijk gaan investeren? Of staat u op het punt een huis te kopen. Bereken dan zelf snel, makkelijk en overzichtelijk het bedrag dat u maximaal kunt lenen voor een hypotheek. Indien u weet wat u max...
Indian police find bags of baby lijkjes E-mail
Bhubaneswar - The Indian police near a private clinic in the eastern Indian province of Orissa, thirty plastic bags of baby lijkjes found. The statement by the police, the bags for girl fetuses and skulls and bones of baby lijkjes contain.
The fetuses and infants were likely after an abortion or shortly after birth in a dried source at the clinic dumped. The director of the clinic was arrested. A week ago, a plastic bag with seven girl fetuses in a nearby village found.

Child abuse in all populations, poor, rich, white, black, etc. However, there are some known risk factors which makes a greater risk of abuse. You know maybe you're tired, you just had a fight with your partner and now your baby cries incessantly. You take him and present him a bit too hard on the aankleedkussen, making it even harder is crying. You scare yourself. Whether you had you taken your child to never save, but when he for the second time that day a dinner plate by throwing the kitchen, give it a slap in his face. You scared of yourself that you can be so uncontrolled anger that you feel that your child's blood under your nails get away. Sometimes abuse is closer than you ever could imagine. There are many forms of abuse. A baby may be negligible - not responding to crying for attention, not enough change, lack of bath do ignore not hug or touch, not against you baby talk, too little food, not enough to sleep, whole days in the box to only let in the house. By your baby scream, threaten it, the bath water is too cold or too hot, too hot to bottle, forced to eat, hand over mouth as he lay crying, save squeeze, dropping. There is a whole number of factors that leads to an increased risk for the emergence of child abuse.

Child abuse is never the fault of the child, no child asks about abused or neglected should be. The parents / guardians have a responsibility to ensure that a child is well cared for and safe. However, there are factors that may lie with the child, the parent (s), living conditions or even more often - a combination of these three, that education (to be) difficult for the parents, the parents did not in hand and neglect and / or abuse occurs. It is a balance between capacity (what you can handle) and draaglast (which you should do, what you get on your plate).

If it is disturbed, for example by one or more of the aforementioned factors, and the burden is greater than the capacity, the chance that things go wrong in the upbringing of a child size. Financial problems (eg unemployment or debt), a poor or very helpful dwelling (eg cold, drafty, damp, above a cafe or deaf top neighbors), social isolation (eg single parent, just emigrated families, people with few friends or without (with) family), may be that parents no longer cope with the problems and difficulties abreact on their child or the child's fate to leave because they no longer have the energy. Addiction to drugs, drink and / or gambling, a psychiatric illness, chronic physical illness or serious relationship, can make that a parent is unable to sufficiently good care of a child and often turns to abuse. Unpleasant experiences in their childhood (eg abuse, neglect, several homes, sexual abuse) makes it difficult for the parent to his child. Experience working in the education of your child. You want to necessarily do, but you lack a positive image. Knowing what you do not want, does not automatically require that you know how or want.

Moreover, the example can be very difficult for your child to cuddle, as you are - by your own experiences - you hate to be touched. Certainly not all parents who have previously abused will repeat this behavior in their own child, there are many who managed to avoid the repetition. Some parents can not make their children suffer the same form of child abuse, these children are also at increased risk of another type of abuse, such research has shown that their young sexually abused women are more likely than average physically abuse their children. Lack to educational awareness by such weak talent or a disorder such as autism may be that the parent (s) can not identify with their child does not understand what a child needs care, warmth and protection. Children of parents with similar problems are at higher risk to be abused.

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