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Maximale hypotheek
There are no translations availableWilt u zakelijk gaan investeren? Of staat u op het punt een huis te kopen. Bereken dan zelf snel, makkelijk en overzichtelijk het bedrag dat u maximaal kunt lenen voor een hypotheek. Indien u weet wat u max...
The story of Rama 2 E-mail
The ten-headed Ravana, the King of Lanka was the brother Shoerpanakha, which would take revenge upon his uncle Maricha. But who knew that Rama was very powerful. But Ravana was a diabolical plan, he suggested Maricha to the shape of a golden deer to be and then to lure Rama and Sita in the meantime he would go by ...

"Rama Oh what a nice deer that I have," said Sita, and Rama went hunting and was already deep in the woods, the deer suddenly cried in the voice of Rama, "Oh Laxmana!" And Laxmana sent Sita to the forest to help. When he found Rama had told him that he had not called Laxmana but it was this demon (which he had already slain). "Easy to go to Sita."

Meanwhile, Ravana to Sita disguised as a mendicant monk, and asked her what to eat.
When she wanted to give him food and he changed her grip and ran away with her, and Sita cried for help. Jatayoe the passenger shot her assistance, but Ravana chopped off his wing. Rama and Laxmana had already come to that place and Jatayoe told that Sita was taken to the south.

Rama and Laxmana traveled to the south, while they were Soegriva, the brother of the monkey king and his minister Valli Hanoeman against, and told him everything.
Only Saturday Soegriva with a problem: His brother Valli had his wife kidnapped and claimed Rama for to help each other. Rama killed Soegriva Valli and put on the crown and his son was Angada prince. And Soegriva sent Hanoeman off to search for Sita and Rama gave him a ring which they would recognize him.
After weeks and came Hanoeman monkey army to the south, and only Hanoeman could jump on the coast.

In Lanka, he came to in search of Sita, and finally found her in a garden.
He threw Rama's ring to Sita to her attention and went to her and said she will bring her to Rama after he has slain the demons, and he fought the demons army, Ravana sent strengthen itself under the leadership of Akshaya Koemar his son, but that was slain and Hanoeman had himself started to Ravana to meet. And Ravana had his tail on fire stabbing. And he saved himself from the cuffs and his tail was longer and longer and so he very Lanka on fire. And went back to Rama's camp without Sita, there, he gave Rama a jewel of situations and suggested that now Lanka attack.

With a huge army came Rama, Laxmana, Soergriva and Hanoeman to the coast.
When the news of their arrival at Ravana arrived Vibhishan his brother gave him good advice and said that it was unfair to abduct someone else's wife and Ravana sent him away.
Rama took Vibhishan protection. And there was a road by the sea and they went on their way to Lanka when they were both parties were ready for the fight.
And Rama Angada sent before the fight to the court of Ravana to Sita in a polite way to ask, but Ravana did not and the fight began.
During the fight Laxmana was hit by Ravana's son Meghnad and Hanoeman brought his forces back to the house and Soeshena go to that, he was a doctor. Soeshena said Laxmana could only survive through-Sanjivani herb before sunset, and Rama was helpless and Hanoeman took the whole mountain with Sanjivani herb to them-and the doctor went right to work. Laxmana was soon the old man.
Meanwhile Ravana's brother began Koembhakarna the chopping monkey army and Rama killed him and then was Ravana's son Meghnad gewroken and slain by Laxmana.

When Ravana heard this he was furious and decided the monkey army with twenty arms by arrows to shoot. And he called Laxmana will kill but then was for Rama Ravana, and wanted to fight a car that Indra, king of Devatas had sent him. With supernatural forces multiplied filled Ravana himself. Rama began to shoot his arrows but each head that he shooting of Ravana was a in, his brother told him that he Vibhishana special sap stored in its navel. And Rama shot him in his navel and killed Ravana! And Laxmana winning Vibhishana and he will now rule Lanka.

And they returned to Ayodhya, Rama was again happy to sit next to his beloved.
In Ayodhya arrived, he was crowned king and he ruled fair and many years.

Amiet Mahadew

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