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Maximale hypotheek
There are no translations availableWilt u zakelijk gaan investeren? Of staat u op het punt een huis te kopen. Bereken dan zelf snel, makkelijk en overzichtelijk het bedrag dat u maximaal kunt lenen voor een hypotheek. Indien u weet wat u max...
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The power of meditation, you can sometimes more than you think. Khata This story is about King Indradyumna, which was rewarded by Vishnu, as he meditated.

Gajendra Pandyan, the people now known as Tamil, was previously managed by the Pandyan King-Indradyumna.
One day he was renowned for his virtues. He then called all his ministers together and told them that he wanted to return to the forest in order to devote his time to the worship of Mr Vishnu.
Whereupon one of his ministers said: "But Maharadj (Majesty) the kingdom, then? Who will manage it?"
"Try not to hold me My decision is clear and I can do entrust you rich." King replied Indradyumna.

He withdrew to the mountains Malayachala.
He built a hut for themselves in order to meditate for Mr Vishnu.
After a few days gemediteerd had visited Agastya way (someone fresh and many Vedic scriptures on Ayurvedic medicine, has produced) and his students the hut of King Indradyumna.
Indradyumna remained undisturbed meditation, which the rude Agastya found Indradyumna are not welcomed guests and cursed King Indradyumna because of his arrogance, in a clumsy olifant.De Mr Vishnu heard the curse of the way Agastya. Smilingly said he himself .. "You have dedicated my unconscious a great service." Indradyumna shocked after the curse and turned into a real elephant, and after some time astray in the forest he came from a herd of elephants that have started to do evil. Indradyumna could only be accepted by the elephants to the King to win a fight. It was quite a fierce battle in which forces Indradyumna are not recognized and won the elephant herd, which the elephants greeted him as Gajendra (King of elephants)

Since then Indradyumna was the leader (Gajendra) of the flock.
On one day wanted to Gajendra to Tikuta Hill because it is better than the Malayachala Mountains and asked the other elephants and they were agreed, they answered: "Oh Gajendra we follow you to the end there earth .

Eventually they came to the forest and went Tikuta-one in which lived a crocodile, the crocodile saw the flock the more storms and thought of .. "How dare they disturb my rest, I will teach them a lesson." And furious crocodile began to Gajendra swimming and took him to bite his leg. Gajendra was the first to sit until he saw that he was bitten by a crocodile and tried release that did not succeed and called for help from the other elephants.
This came to help him but he could not get loose from the crocodile.
And left the Gajendra and one of the elephant replied, "Probably, the crocodile or other divine forces."

Gajendra was quite desperate and there was only one thing for him to do, namely prayer. He began to pray: "Vishnu, God of Deva's greatest ever Mr you re my only hope."
And yes, Vishnu had heard him praying and shot the Gajendra to help.
"Lord, I bring you my tributes freed me!" called Gajendra which Vishnu killed the crocodile with his Sudarshan-chakra (disk). The Gajendra was freed and then arc offering a lotus flower for Vishnu.

Vishnu became the Gajedra and said: "Stand up and be liberated Gajendra by the divine power of Vishnu, and when King Indradyumna got his body back and thanked Vishnu." When he said that he Mr Vishnu worship and will always be full of love.

Amiet Mahadew

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