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Maximale hypotheek
There are no translations availableWilt u zakelijk gaan investeren? Of staat u op het punt een huis te kopen. Bereken dan zelf snel, makkelijk en overzichtelijk het bedrag dat u maximaal kunt lenen voor een hypotheek. Indien u weet wat u max...
The silence of the zombies E-mail
Divali is a beautiful and spiritually rich day. It is a day when we just behave differently. Down to our roots and the rythem of our soul. It is all great and beautiful, but it is not a little hypocrisy? Suddenly, we think of our people and a night's sleep then we see them as deadly as always ... Are we truly spiritual, we are busy or just hypocritical? Even ... no zombie for Divali ...

There are children who do not otherwise than wake up with the roar of bullets. The arrival of tanks. The ignorance or a family member will lose. Children who are born and die without ever having known other than the fear and hatred of war. In Russia there are deformed babies in orphanages because they never leave their cradle. Because they will never be made. Yes, all sounds very pathetic and so ...

What really sad is that we close our eyes to. How often do we just look at the Brazilian children in the night life in the slums? Shivery in the cold in their sleep. How often do we look at the girls in India who are doomed from birth to life sex slaves? How often do we just look at the forgotten children of Africa for whom hunger is a fact of life and become a question? Children who struggle to simply stay alive. Why do not we fight them?

Have we forgotten them? If we forget them ... Just because we can? Even if our parents were probably just as bad for bizarre?

Divali is a day of reflection. A new beginning. A time when we think about our fellow man. We literally and figuratively in the complete clean with ourselves. Why should we let this one day? It's like Christmas, that people are just nice, but if the routine of the year is in sight, including the routine indifference. I do not want a zombie, but I betrap me myself sometimes. I am obviously not guilty that I do stay alive. There is no man in the world that all suffering can be extinguished. After all these years I really am not so naive that I believe that prayers will be all right or that I myself have just the world can change. But are we so pessimistic that we no longer believe that at all can be better?

With maturity also cynicism and melancholy nature? Is the human heritage that we sell to our children that the world rotplek and you should be happy being yourself still sound pretty good you? Probably because what we do in fact even in the rich world to help others? We already live in a country without too many standards and values, economic recession, so we have enough concern to our head. For something, we and our family and our friends at first. Who else is still what you do? Well, then let the ambulance just not, we should still go somewhere. Well, then we scold Zwartjes in the football stadium but had them here but nothing to find. No, then we just fine the other way when someone on the street is beaten up. Is not your brother who is there? Then we drive just fine hard by the child as a zebra trying to stabbing. Our children of today are surely smarter than to think that we will keep to the rules? Hardly shortage of money in one of the richest countries in the world ... to look towards our worthy fellow, we have a budget deficit.

There are many Hindus tan that is in their daily lives for their fellow man and I think it is unfortunate to see that so many Hindus wane this day in respect of consideration take. I will also say something which is almost as immigrants are prohibited. Criticism of the white native state is equal to treason and disintegration in this country, although no one dares to say. Self-Criticism among the native Dutch people is something you long to search. Our population is still pretty good. Our next generation is perhaps too well ... in the sense of assimilation. Native desire like integration of immigrants, but how can anyone require something to take yourself where the culture is becoming less and less support?

It would not be possible for the native now something of the immigrant could learn? I think, however. I hope that this day ever, no longer an exception to the rule but an exception to the rule which affirms our humanity. Divali is a beautiful day, but also an eye-opener of the deepest significance of Hinduism. An inspiration that you realize that you have opportunities ... and other people as you can let yourself know that others do not.

H Divali.


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