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Maximale hypotheek
There are no translations availableWilt u zakelijk gaan investeren? Of staat u op het punt een huis te kopen. Bereken dan zelf snel, makkelijk en overzichtelijk het bedrag dat u maximaal kunt lenen voor een hypotheek. Indien u weet wat u max...
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ImageDe most people want to look clean and cared for. But some people know all the clothing choices are often not what they should choose. So here are a few tips. Representative means that you have a good impression. This does not mean that you always chic to dress. It is located on the occasion.
For those who still want to see chic, such as your office job: Dark clothing: It breathes, besides that just chic, even power. You know where you are;
* Pastel colors: You can contribute if you are not in contact with important people have to come;
* Other colors: Make sure you do not there is a clown. So no crazy, bright colors are mixing. It radiates from that you do not care how you aankijkt against. You can, if you do good, but any other colors on. Make sure for example that you have basic color pants.

As a woman you are the most representative as a broekpak or mantelpak help. You have to choose what kind of good broekpak or suit jacket which fits the occasion. This allows you the best trouser pants with a straight pipe. And a skirt more a box model, a stylish skirt. You do not have too chic to be seen, then it does not much matter which type you choose.

You can choose to enjoy a jogging trousers to sit, but you also once the street and then dress as you usually order. People still look at you. It is important that you some day in the show is (you wear a suit that day, it could just mean that you just want to tidy up).

* Mode: If you do not want to fall from the show, you can just go along with fashion. The shops usually have only the portable clothing over the catwalks. Only, the short skirts to sexy panties and shirts too short, but hung. Everything "to" is you should not take (compare clothing so!)
* Clothing from the past: It would you still can, but if it strikes you better wait until diez really in fashion.

Image At a party:
* For a chic evening: As a woman you always do well with a dress. A gala dress is sure to fit. If you do not want to stand out too much, do you dress just simple. You can also go for a broekpak or a skirt. If only dark colors;
* Party that is less chic: As a woman, do you still good with the dress above described, but it can all be something less formal;
* Informal party: In this type of party you will soon feel at ease. It says here that you can dress casual. Casual official means something else, but in popular speech it means you just dark jeans, dressy skirt, nice tip, etc. can do.

For men:
For the man is a lot easier to choose. You soon attracts a suit. This may in some situations are different. If you wear one:
Chique opportunity: A full suit, topped with a tie or bow.
Leisure: A man wants to such a day from the show (see tips for women).
Party: For a chic party wear you as a man suit, topped with a tie or bow. In a less chic party may have something more informal and you do not tie and jacket to wear. And an informal party may just casual. This is a dark denim with a tough, for example T-shirt above. How about you wear a Gilet. Very tough at this time.

The selection of colors, for the same man as the woman.

General tips:
* Pull never loose clothes. The trend with loose jackets will not be representative;
* Make-up appropriate to the occasion or clothing;
* Wear a striking ornament. For a man is often a ring or a watch;
* Take a tie or jacket if you are always going somewhere. You never know whether it still is a formal occasion;
* Think about combinations of colors!

Chantal Phagoe

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