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Namastey London
Original title: Namastey London
Category Comedy , Drama , Romance
Year: 2007
Country: India
Director: Vipul Amrutlal Shah
Akshay Kumar, Katrina Kaif, Rishi Kapoor, Clive Standen, Upen Patel
Soundtrack Chakna Chakna Himesh Reshammiya Viraaniya Himesh Reshammiya Main Jahaan Rahoon [Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Krishna] Music by Himesh Reshammiya Yahi Hota Pyaar Himesh Reshammiya , Sunidhi Chauhan Rafta Rafta RDB Annan Faanan Jayesh Gandhi , Akriti Kakkar Dilruba Zubeen Garg , Alisha Chinai Viraaniya (Mehfil Mix) Himesh Reshammiya Poetry By Javed Akhtar Aanan Faanan (Mehfil Mix) Jayesh Gandhi , Akriti Kakkar Poetry By Javed Akhtar Chakna Chakna (Remix) Himesh Reshammiya [remixed By Dj Akbar Sami] Dilruba (Remix) Zubeen Garg , Alisha Chinai [remixed By Dj Akbar Sami] Main Jahaan Rahoon (Remix) Rahat Fateh Ali Khan , Krishna [remixed By Dj Akbar Sami] Yahi Hota Pyaar (Remix) Himesh Reshammiya , Sunidhi Chauhan [remixed By Dj Akbar Sami] Aanan Faanan (Remix) Jayesh Gandhi , Akriti Kakkar [remixed By Dj Akbar Sami] Main Jahaan Rahoon (Mehfil Mix) Rahat Fateh Ali Khan , Krishna Poetry By Javed Akhtar Yahi Hota Pyaar (Mehfil Mix) Himesh Reshammiya , Sunidhi Chauhan Poetry By Javed Akhtar Viraaniyan (Remix) Himesh Reshammiya [remixed By Dj Akbar Sami] Rafta Rafta (Remix) RDB [remixed By R D B] Rap By Arya

Indian-born Manmohan Malhotra decided to re-locate to London, England, established himself, returned to India, got married to Bebo, and after a period of 4 years got a visa for her so that she could live with him.

Shortly thereafter she gave birth to Jasmeet. Manmohan was always embarrassed of Bebo, as she was overly healthy and not quite sophisticated, as a result he always left her at home, while he socialized. Bebo did not want Jasmeet to end up like her, so got her admitted in an English Medium school, encouraged to mingle with Caucasian friends, and as a result Jasmeet was transformed in to Jazz - a stunningly beautiful young woman, British in looks, talk, habits, and heart.

Manmohan's plans to get her married to an Indian boy are all in vain. His friend, Parvez Khan, is in a similar situation with his son, Imran, openly romancing a Caucasian blonde, Susan.

Manmohan decides to take his family for a tour in India, and ends up getting her married to Arjun Singh. On their return to London, Jasmeet announces that she is getting married to Charles Brown, who is well connected, even with Prince Charles, and refuses to recognize her marriage with Arjun as there is no proof of this wedding.

When Jasmeet is introduced to the friends of the Brown family, she is subjected to considerable racial profiling (snake charmers, Indian rope tricks, tandoori chicken) as well as a quote from Winston Churchil to wit: 'When we leave India, the country will be in the hands of goons'. while Imran is asked by Susan's parents to fore-go Islam, become a Christian, change his name to Emmanuel or Ian, as well as provide a written undertaking that his family is not associated with any terrorists.

The questions that remain unanswered are: will love prevail ! Between Imran and Susan on one hand, and Jasmeet and Charles on the other? What is the impact of this marriage on Arjun, who now has been demoted from Husband to the Best Man?

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